With services we also sale housekeeping equipment as an authorized service provider for Eureka Forbes use for corporate care division for Chhattisgarh region we have been designated for sales of heavy industrial housekeeping equipments which are as follows with water product also.  
ZW 77SS, ZW100 SS
Single phase vacuum cleaner for dust & liquid, high degree of sturdiness, mobility & performance is ensured. Thanks to the twin top performing motors.

Ergonomic design with a study frame
High suction & air flow capacity
Twin motor option
Tip & pour tank configuration-easy to handle
Low maintenance costs
Wide range of accessories
Voltage 230-240V/50 Hz 230-240V/50 Hz
P/P max 2200/2700 W 2700/3000 W
Motor Ametek Ametek
No. Of Motor 2 2
Airflow 108 Itr/sec 118 Itr/sec
Suction Power 22 kPa 25 kPa
Tank Volume 77 Itr 100 Itr
Dimension cm (lxwxh) 51x60x95 51x60x109
Detergent Capacity - -
Pump Pressure - -
A very powerful, multifunctional & versatile injection and extraction machine. The can also be used for wet & dry vacuuming. High capacity tank allows a quick and continuative use.

Compact professional & versatile design
Detachable motor with protection filter
Wide range of standard accessories for excellent leaning
Voltage 230-240V/50 Hz
P/P max 1000 W
Motor Ametek
No. Of Motor 1
Airflow 45 Itr/sec
Suction Power 17 kPa
Tank Volume 35 Itr
Dimension cm (lxwxh) 40x40x65
Detergent Capacity 8 ltrs
Pump Pressure 4 atm
  TRI 30 SS
Powerful three phase industrial vacuum cleaner for applications requiring frequent movements in reduced spaces. Reliable and designed for continuous heavy duty use, they are recommended for tough tasks in several industrial sectors such as ceramics, chemical, mechanical and textile, they are ideal for vacuuming dust, particulate, and Wharf chippings of whatever nature and liquids of any density.

Fitted with a powerful three phase co-axial turbine excellent suction
Is equipped with a radial filter for high grade filtration
M & H Class filters can be fitted as option
Powerful suction excellent vacuuming of the dust
Voltage 400 V  
Turbine No. -  
Power 2900 W  
Suction Power 32 kPa  
Air Flow 97 Ltr/ sec  
Tank Capacity 50 ltr  
Filtering Surface 1.3 sq.m  
Dimensions mm wxdxh 61x120x133  
Weight 87 kg  
N 421C
N 421 C is well suited for both general applications like polishing, spray cleaning, scrubbing, stripping and bonnet mopping, as well as special applications, such as foam cleaning, verification, scarifying and sanding. A wide rage of brushes and pads allows you to tailor the machine to specific cleaning tasks.

Gearbox drive for tough cleaning jobs.
Aggressive deep cleaning due to more torque
Multipurpose single disc
Dry foam cleaning method with shampoo blower (optional)
Voltage 220-240 V  
Frequency 50 Hz  
Motor 1200 W  
Brush Dia 420 mm  
Pad Dia 406 mm  
Speed 170 rpm  
Brush pressure 50 g/cm  
Cable Length 12 m  
Weight 38 kg  
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